Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just please I count my ankle ankle of view this can not express themselves through poetry, word Hantarkan hearts Who knows this poem brought you Girl my love, love, this feeling Inginku fused into one word for you tenderly But alas, ..!! I stop By the light goes out I'm Amazed Tells You It's every day that there do pikirnku just you. I do not know you even had your name I do not know. Me crazy when I see your beauty like the stress I'm happy You're terrific shit I did what I wrote is true is that I do not know If I have a miracle I want to see you smile cuman when in my arms feels warm when his warmth beside you there spreading charm there is to know in my heart I'll Make love in soul means happy and in love that corrugated Only you d my heart forever ... Just soundly through the song I wrote songs about you Hoping thee be back in lelapku Only through this shadow of my hope. The beauty of it coming back with me to keep me company in lelapku

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